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 Westlake Enterprises 

Westlake Enterprises is a not-for-profit organization located in Ladysmith, Wisconsin.   We provide jobs, vocational training, day services, and job placement services.  We work with adults who have physical, cognitive, or emotional challenges.  Westlake services are based on the individual's needs.  Our goal is to enable each person to reach their greatest level of independence while developing a greater level of knowledge and self-esteem.

Community Employment

There are opportunities for  workers to become employees of local businesses. This provides many benefits for both the worker and the business.

Mark is proud of his job with DQ.

Prevocational Services

These activities provide our workers with job training and experience. They are also earning

a paycheck by producing products

for local companies, some with

national affiliations.

Rachel shows us that she can do

her job without even looking.

Adult Day Services

Provide a vast array of services for each individual with a variety of programming options that allow independence while challenging them with new experiences.

Shane is getting help with paints for St. Patricks Day.